Platformer Alpha

ActionDescriptionKeyboard InputController Input
MoveMove the playerLeft and RightOR
JumpLong press jumps higher than a short pressSpace or Up
GrabGrab blocks and wallsLeft Ctrl
DashQuickly move in a horizontal directionLeft Shift
InteractGo through doors and respawnZ
OrbThere are 4 orbs to collect. Once you have collected them all the game is over.
CoinOptional pick ups. Try to get them all - Work in progress.
DoorUse the interaction button to travel to another door.
LeverUse the interaction button to move the lever.
Save PointWalk over the save point to activate it. If you die, you will respawn at the last save point you touched. To reset the objects in the scene, use the interact button when standing on a save point.
SpikesDon't touch the spikes
StoneGrab the stone and drag it around. You may need to jump while grabbing the stone to move it, if it gets stuck
WallJump when you are against the wall to perform a wall-jump.
High Scores